We are Christina and Eric, the husband and wife team behind One Eyed Pop! Christina loves to read, snuggle with our precious pup (and mascot!), Popeye, and maybe most importantly - Harry Potter! Her background is in a lot of different things, which has given her a unique set of skills. She's the creative master of OEP and is responsible for keeping projects on brand and on time! 


Eric is cold brew coffee's #1 fan, and he loves to be outside - but as soon as he gets his hands on any kind of camera equipment don't expect to hear from him until he's figured it out (which will probably only be a few minutes!) He's an award winning cinematographer, and has a passion for capturing cinematic content. He truly is a ninja with a glide cam and a total editing wizard!


 Now that you've gotten to know us - we want to get to know YOU and YOUR business so we can create the best possible product, tailored to your brand.


ONCE UPON A TIME... Christina had a strong case of "puppy fever" and stumbled across a picture of the cutest little ONE EYED Boston Terrier while casually looking at dog rescues on the internet. She sent Eric a picture and their hearts just couldn't stand it - they had to at least go look at him in person. They road tripped about 2 hours into Kentucky, just to meet the little guy! As soon as they walked in, they were taken into a room with about 15 Boston Terrier and Daschund puppies - all excited and jumping up onto their legs! Oh, the joy! But they couldn't spot their tiny one eyed pup. So, they turned and asked, "which one is he?!" The lady pointed across the room to one little guy stumbling around with a single-serve Chef Boyardee bowl flipped up over his face. IT WAS ADORABLE. They scooped him up and held him in their arms and immediately fell in love. They knew they just had to take him home. And that was just the beginning of the next chapter of their lives, with the CUTEST puppy ever, POPEYE. However, over the first few weeks they started to notice that he would walk in circles and bump into things pretty regularly, but they just assumed it was because he only had one eye. After getting advice from a Vet, they ended up taking Popeye to the animal ophthalmologist to get him checked out. They soon learned that Popeye had no vision whatsoever, due to a detached retina. He was completely blind! But after having witnessed his fighting spirit and perseverance over the course of a few weeks, this only made Christina and Eric fall more in love with him. After a few medical issues with the eye, they ended up having to have it removed and put in a prosthetic eye in its place. So yes, though it does seem like he is giving you a stare down - we promise you, he really isn't! He's a pretty neat dog who inspires us on a daily basis. Nothing can stop this pup! When deciding on a name for our business, it was a no brainer that we wanted to include Popeye somehow, and were so glad we did! We love our One Eyed Pop, and hope you do, too! 

PS. If you're more of a cat person, we won't judge you. We love animals of all kinds! 




Recently, Eric won an award for Best Cinematography at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival for a feature film called "Flora" that he was Director of Photography on.

Check out the trailer below!